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Each member of Turbo Animation team

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Each member of Turbo Animation team Empty Each member of Turbo Animation team

Сообщение  limonchik Пн Ноя 16, 2009 7:37 pm

I think that what will be written below is not only my opinion.

I liked the topic where Turbi wrote about himself. And it was very interesting for me to know about his education. I was plesantly surprised to know that he knows so many languages... I read with interest how he started his animation career.

And I am very interested to know about all other member of team, I heard DJ Jordan has a little child, that Zubochistka is professional basketball player, that Shushu is a professional dancer... Why Shef animator is always so serious... Smile

I am sure everybody of them has its own interesting history. And we, who fall in love with Turbo Animation, wanna know all secrets ))) Please share them with us, write short or better long stories about each of you!

This will be very interesting!

Kisses to all of you many many times!

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Kayıt tarihi : 2009-11-16
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